3 Steps to Improving Your Company Culture: Follow The Footsteps of Hubspot and Insightly

Happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their average counterparts, while unhappy employees are 10 percent less productive. Hubspot and Insightly know this and have consequently established a culture of employee engagement. Their culture unites employees and makes them feel valued. Employees are invested in their work and collaborate to meet the organisation’s goals. Not only are their employees more loyal as a result, the company culture continually attracts more talented and skilled workers. We have identified the 3 elements that make Hubspot and Insightly’s company cultures remarkable. Read on to know how you can build a company culture that thrives like theirs.

Step 1: Be Transparent, Supportive And Cooperative

HubSpot claims to ‘obsess over culture’, so much that it codified it. HubSpot has not only created a company culture that its own employees love, it has publicly shared its customs, values and culture with the world, named the HubSpot Culture Code. There are three characteristics that make Hubspot’s culture so great.
1. Hubspot has developed a culture of transparency. This means that it makes uncommon levels of information available to everyone in the company. Employees trust each other enough to communicate to exchange ideas and thoughts freely.
2. It is supportive and cooperative. When Rosalia Cefalu, Global Head of Sales Productivity and Enablement at HubSpot, asked her manager if she could work and travel at the same time to follow Justin Timberlake on his 2014 tour, she wasn’t criticized. Her manager was not only willing to let her go on the year-long tour, she provided encouragement by telling Rosalia Cefalu to “have fun and send pictures”.

Step 2: Let Your Employees Practice What You Preach

HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah not only wrote a book on inbound marketing, the platform they’ve built for their software products, HubSpot, is itself an inbound marketing machine marketing that practices what they preach through social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding. Content managers at Hubspot such as Justin Champion and Lindsay Thibeault can teach anyone how to be pros at creating relevant and helpful content. The colloquialism “eating your own dog food’ fits Hubspot’s employees perfectly. They have a powerful content marketing strategy that supports customer interaction and engagement. They are blogging, tweeting and networking every day to promote themselves, and it’s working.

Step 3: Be Flexible And Encourage Socialisation

Anthony Smith couldn’t find a CRM software for small businesses, so he built his own in 6 months while raising $40 million from investors. It now has 50, 000 customers. He has grown his own business from the ground up and is now helping others do the same with Insightly. CRM is entering a new era and Insightly is on the crest of this wave of change that focuses on building lifelong customer relationships. Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly, is building a customer-obsessed culture through employee engagement. Insightly’s employees feel a strong emotional and personal connection to their workplace and are consequently enthusiastic about their work.

How has it achieved that? “We’re not the typical bunch of under-25-year-old guys in a house hacking away 18 hours a day,” Anthony Smith said when talking about Insightly’s company culture and its team of passionate employees. Insightly believes that flexible working hours and locations makes employees more productive and has created a culture of flexible working. Employees don’t have to make it to the office early every morning. There are frequent happy hour gatherings but if they don’t want to eat outside, there is a fully stocked kitchen and a custom-made table where employees can sit and socialise. Insightly also has a child care program so employees don’t have to go through a day without seeing their children.

With cultures like these, is it any wonder that Hubspot and Insightly’s employees love their jobs? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter! Do you think companies should allow employees to work while travelling like Hubspot does? Do you think child care should be a perk that companies should offer their employees like Insightly does? Let us know in the comment below.