5 Creative Ways to Grow your Ecommerce Site Using Instagram

Since the beginning of social media marketing, Instagram has been a top brass for some time now. It’s particularly applicable for e-commerce businesses who get access to the photo-sharing platform with a wide range of enthusiastic followers and dedicated community

Things changed in 2012 when Facebook took over Instagram for an astounding $1 billion. Facebook recognised the cultural shift in photo sharing platforms and made sure they stayed relevant to the emerging crowd. Following that, Instagram has adopted new, fascinating features to engage current and new individuals and merchants.

Instagram’s effort to embrace current and new commerce accounts is commendable.

This article focuses on the marketing of your Ecommerce on Instagram, how to optimise your account via authentic posts, post high engaging images and videos, usage of hashtags, stories and highlights.

Why Instagram?

More than 800 million monthly users (80% of users follow at least one brand) are active on the site. In excess of 60 million photos are posted every day, and 1.6 billion daily “likes” are given. There’s likewise countless number of “Instagram Influencer” on the platform with an eye-popping amount of followers. Furthermore, with the correct planning, you can turn into an influential brand, as well. You have to post the correct sort of content to remain relevant to current followers while additionally acquiring new ones and hence creating a community.

Instagram advertisements see magnificent outcomes and offer high engagement. What’s more, business profiles with more than 10,000 followers unlocks the “Swipe Up” feature they can add to Instagram Stories to drive activity straight to the site, something that is generally not available on the platform.

Instagram continues growing, making it more significant to e-commerce business, particularly in the event that they have items with a solid visual interest.

Be that as it may, it can be difficult to know which sorts of content works best to grow your community.

Optimise using Authentic Content

Most ecommerce businesses know the essentials about setting up an online profile; you have to round out your contact data, have a catchphrase enhanced portrayal, and pick a profile picture that is effortlessly identifiable, similar to a logo. This is an awesome beginning. Yet, Instagram has revealed a few changes that influence business profiles.

Before you start thinking about your Instagram account optimisation, be sure that you have an Instagram Business Account. A business profile enables you to make and publish Instagram promotions without expecting to utilize Facebook’s advertising tools. You can likewise get to Instagram analytics module, called Insights, that give details about the overview and reach of your posts.

‘Instagram Followers’ dig authentic, original and unique content. If you are planning on utilising ideas from currently trending posts, it’s a sheer dead end for your business. We are currently living in an ever-changing world and to keep up to speed, it is significantly crucial to enable the creative side and create original contents that will engage new followers hence expanding your community.

The next section fixates on creating authentic, high-engagement images and videos.

Originative Images and Videos

Less is more: in an age of minimalism, research has revealed that more background or blank space is preferred by the audience. Instagram is a visual-centric platform and the aesthetics of the image or video is absolutely essential. Diversity is another essential factor. Even though your eCommerce business should concentrate on a particular theme to build up a relevant community, diversification is needed to retain and drive engagement.

Motivational quotes, DIY tutorials, Pull off the perfect outfit are just some instances or counterfeit to using ‘Boomerangs’ – which is kind of a cliche nowadays.

More engagement can be driven through collaborations. There is an array of “Instagram Influencers” with a whooping follower base within their community. To stay relevant, suitable Influencers should be a opted for collaboration to further enhance your community. Influences with a different theme may create confusion and loose touch of the Brand’s original essence.

Promote through #Hashtags

Hashtags can be added to your post and stories just by entering # and then the desired word/phrase. Likewise can be done on profile description. Concentrating on your branded and relevant content or theme hashtag is a decent decision for eCommerce businesses.

The functionality of a hashtag followed by a word/phrase is to enable a clickable click. Clicking leads to a page showing all the public posts tagged with the hashtag. Instagram’s latest feature enables individuals to follow hashtags they find intriguing.

Hashtags are a fantastic way to expand reach and engagement and even more so build a community signifying relevance. Each industry will have phrases and keywords that are relevant only to their target audience. #ILoveMyShop.

What’s the STORY behind this?

Instagram Stories began as an extra feature obtained from Snapchat: an approach to share brief photos and videos that vanish in 24 hours with your audience. Since then, it has developed into a staple feature individuals and e-commerce businesses use.

You can use Stories to repost follower’s content showcasing your product, which is absolutely pleasant for any individual. Your followers love to see that you think enough about them and their content to highlight it on your stories. Within the Instagram community, it’s a mutual give and takes relation with everyone. “Follow” for “Follow Back” and showcase products for promotion via stories or repost.

“Instagram Influencers” with a high follower-base and promote your e-commerce business through their Stories. Unpacking videos or product reviews are always a crowd-pleaser and generate high engagement. An additional clickable feature enables your e-commerce business account to be tagged on the Story which leads users directly to your account.

Another additional feature sets up a poll and hence you get insights in an enjoyable and easy way.

Let’s say you are an artist selling hand-painted canvases or earning commissions through portrait orders. There’s an art exhibition being conducted near you. Stories are a great way to cover such events using additional features such as Boomerang, Stop Motion, Zoom In and of course everyone’s favourite- Stickers! This is an absolutely excellent way to show your followers what they are missing out on, which can build community awareness and hence enhance it.

Story Highlights, Highlight!

Instagram’s latest feature and the most highlighted one yet, “Story Highlight”. A typical story will be automatically deleted prior 24hours. This resulted in a loss of content and hence led to an abatement in user-engagement.

Highlights exist on your Instagram profile page.

You can create multiple Highlights for the best results, using one for user-generated content (“Be Unapologetically You”), one for brand storytelling (“About Us”), one for photo shoots of your favourite influencer (“Summer’18 Must Haves”) and one for events (“Milkshake Collective Art Exhibit”). This makes it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for when they first come to your profile, which can help them get to know you and trust you a little faster.

Instagram is a must-use platform for all E-commerce Businesses. Dive into the world of new age social media marketing by using a variety of exciting and enjoyable features and most importantly, BE AUTHENTIC.