Basic eCommerce Features Explained for Beginners

If you never had an eCommerce store but want to open one and clueless about what things are involved, this post is for you. We have discussed some of the basic features of an online selling portal in simple words.

Types of HR Software- HRMS, HCM and HRIS Fully Explained

There are various kinds of HR technology that makes HRM much easier than it was a decade back. However, the concept of HRMS, HCM and HRIS can become very confusing. Today we look at each of these software types closely and see how they help us to get complete HRM solutions.


3 Steps to Improving Your Company Culture: Follow The Footsteps of Hubspot and Insightly

Happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their average counterparts, while unhappy employees are 10 percent less productive. Hubspot and Insightly know this and have consequently established a culture of employee engagement. Their culture unites employees and makes them feel valued. Employees are invested in their work and collaborate to meet the organisation’s goals. Not only are their employees more loyal as a result, the company culture continually attracts more talented and skilled workers. We have identified the 3 elements that make Hubspot and Insightly’s company cultures remarkable. Read on to know how you can build a company culture that thrives like theirs.


5 Popular MYTHS about HRM software: Solved!

As the HR technology is evolving, HRM software are more popular than ever. However, this time-saving efficient software bring with them some myths. So today’s topic points on the common confusion people have about HRM software and solve the myths once and for all.


Answering the 5 Most Asked Questions on HRM Software

HRM software have continued to develop over the years to a point they provide a lot of benefits and ease to your business. As these software continue to add features, there have been a lot of questions asked about them. So today we answer 5 of the most asked question on HRM Software!

5 Best Web Based Open Source CRM Software

Hubspot, Insightly, SugarCRM, Zoho, CiviCRM. Wondering what all of these developers of software have in common? We’ll tell you! We bet you didn’t know all 5 of these solutions were web-based, open-source customer relationship management platform.

We also know you’re wondering why these are our top 5 picks. We’ll also tell you that.

Brand Management Solution in International Brand Expansion

In this post, we have described how brand management software can help you expand your licensing business internationally.

5 Reasons Why Using Brand Management Solution Will Give You Productivity Boost

If your team is not interested to use software to manage your brand licensing workflow, here are some reasons you can use to convince them.

5 Best Brand Management Solutions in the Market

Looking for brand management software suggestions? Read our comprehensive review about some of the popular software and join us in the conversation!

The Best of HRM Software That Actually Work! (Part 1)

Technology has integrated hugely into the business sector for a while now. Businesses are not just using technology to reach and manage clients but also for reaching employees. Needless to say that this has caused an array of HRM software in the market. We talk about the best 10 HRM software developed as of yet starting with the top 5 in this part 1.