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The General Data Protection Regulation was made in 27th April 2016 and given a preparation period of two years for implementation by the European Union Council. As the deadline of this two year period approaches and the GDPR comes to full force 25th May 2018, we give a detailed overview of what rules come with this data protection system and everything you need to know to implement it. Tomorrow System can be that bridge between your consumers and your business to incorporate all the GDPR rules and regulations.

Perspective on  General Data Protection Rules

When your business is looking to follow GDPR rules you need to understand the approach to handle the changes. These key points are to help you approach the changes:

  • The GDPR is an evolution of the current data protection law you are already following.
  • Get your facts straight.
  • Do not over complicate things.
  • Try to stick with the standard protocols

Tomorrow System has already used these approaches to successfully make their software, business policy and services GDPR compatible. Hence, we can help you find the gaps in your business that need the compliance and give you the correct review on how to apply these changes into your system as much easy as possible.


Highlights of the GDPR and how Tomorrow System can help you achieve them


GDPR promotes the accountability of businesses towards the personal information of the consumers. The data controller has to keep in mind that every citizen has the right to question the extent to which their personal information is protected. The following are regarded as personal information: HR records, CVS, Health records, contact details and CCTV and call recordings. Tomorrow System helps your team and you classify data and consult you in how to protect these data.

Data Protection Officer: The Data Protection Officer (DPO) must be hired by companies that take personal information on a regular basis or monitor individuals. The DPO should be responsible for monitoring that each and every consumers’ data is well protected by laws of the GDPR. Tomorrow System’s legal team helps you understand all the checklists you need to apply the protocols in hiring the Data Protection Officer and the role of the hired individual or team.

Protection by Design

The Data Controllers are to ensure a design that makes the data collected low risk and in agreement with the standards of the GDPR. The design must be such that the amount of high-risk data is kept minimum and the data must be used for the purpose it is asked for only. Tomorrow System assists you to create a great design in processing data with the least risk possible.


Every data that is provided must be by the consent of the consumer. The data controller must be able to prove that the consumer has provided consent for the information provided. Every consent that is given can be withdrawn by the consumer.

Tomorrow Systems provides an array of plugins for your website or form that helps you take the consent of your consumers and keep a track of it. You can even request a customizable plugin to fulfil your specific needs for every step.

Breach Notification

The GDPR gives strict rules to provide a notification of breach without any undue delay allowing a maximum of 72 hours to report the breach. Tomorrow Systems helps you to get reminder plugins or alert system plugins to place on your website whenever there is a breach or unusual activity. If the breach that has occurred is high risk, the GDPR requires the business to inform the data subjects of the breach. You can use message plugins from Tomorrow Systems to send messages to notify each member of the breach.


The data subjects, as well as processors, must have the right to move data electronically from one endpoint to another. The data in question is the one can still be traced to a particular individual. Tomorrow Systems makes sure you know which data can be portable and has plugins that allow you to store data with complete security.


Every data processing activity must be recorded and the records might have to be presented to the supervisory authority on request. You can back up your data with Tomorrow Systems in an efficient way.

Tomorrow System’s approach to make your business reach GDPR goals


The first step to deal with an issue is to understand it. Tomorrow System helps you to understand the obligations, risk and data processing rules involved in implementing and maintain GDPR.


When it is time to implement the design of the GDPR, many organizations face practical issues. Tomorrow System helps you solve these issues and makes sure you get to implement GDPR. We provide an understanding of where you can install technical and organizational measures and how to manage privacy issues.


The main feature of the GDPR ends in the fact that you must be able to show that your organization has indeed protected and processed data lawfully and correctly. Tomorrow System guides you on how to show evidence to any authority and client that you are capable of protecting the data and every data recorded is protected by GDPR instructions.

The entire GDPR and Tomorrow System

The GDPR consists of 88 pages and 99 articles. With the timeline fast approaching, you need to make sure that GDPR is fully installed in your business as unable to do so results in a fine of $20 million or 4% of global annual turnover. Tomorrow Systems is the helping hand that lets you see the gaps and helps you and your employees to understand GDPR. Having incorporated GDPR in our own system we are very much able to provide that support to your organization through our legal team and dev team. We can provide enhancements and plugins to also ensure that every GDPR protocol is followed so that your business is completely in agreement with the GDPR rules.

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