Our main focus is to cover all the IT services an office might need ranging from IP telephone, CCTV, WiFi and wired networking, printer, server and all kinds of IT hardware installation, configuration and maintenance service.

Our services are not limited to hardware only. We are also expert in software development and have our inhouse development team. Please see for all the products we offer.

Networking Solutions

Our certified network administrators have more than 12 years experience designing, installing and configuring high performance wired and wireless networks both indoors and outdoors.

We specialize in Cisco and Meraki based systems. Get a quote today.

CCTV Solutions

For maximum security in your home, office, restaurant or any kind of institute, we are expert in installing the most stable closed circuit television camera system with 99% uptime guarantee and multiple backup location.

We have been implementing wired and wireless surveillance system since 2015. Send us your requirements today.

Chain Store Management

We can install POS machines and software across all your stores and connect to a central management system and your inventory, distribution and other software and system you need across your company and vendors.
We also got you covered with IP telephone and in store surveillance system with location independent viewing system through mobile and desktop app. Talk to us now.

Digital Marketing

Our online marketing team not only specializes on creating a website for you. We also have complete package including graphic design, content development and social media management.
So you can get all your web marketing needs covered from one single company. Get started with us today.

Domain, Hosting, VPS

Whether you need a domain or hosting for your website, software or files; or need some IP addresses for your servers or need to buy a VPS for your inventory software, we have all the services for you.
We can even install and configure everything for you. So worry less about the technical work and focus more on your business growth. Get pricing now.

Software Development

Need to get something done or want to automate your business process but have no idea from where to begin? We have dedicated analysts for you who will understand your business process in depth, will prepare a proposal with possible solutions and workflow and source everything for you and install and configure in the end.
Get your own personal analyst.