The Best of HRM Software That Actually Work! (Part 1)

Technology has integrated hugely into the business sector for a while now. Businesses are not just using technology to reach and manage clients but also for reaching employees. Needless to say that this has caused an array of HRM software in the market. We talk about the best 10 HRM software developed as of yet starting with the top 5 in this part 1.

Application-based HRM solutions have become so popular for their user-friendly nature and various options to be able to reach your team with just a few taps on your device. You can communicate, locate, promote, and coordinate tasks through your HRM software. Each software has its own set of benefits so today we talk about five top-notch ones and the services they offer to your business.

1. Workday

Workday is one of the most popular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise-based solution that is perfect for global organizations. Workday has incorporated HRM, Finance and Accounting and Project Management tools in their system based on current business operations. They provide services to all kinds of businesses regardless of the size of the corporation. The price planning policy of Workday is revealed upon request by consumers. They earn by selling subscriptions to various tools rather than selling software. There are a lot of technical advantages to Workday which makes it so popular among their consumers. There is no hassle of extensive upgrades as the system is always updated on its own making sure that you are using the most recent tools in the market. The security offered by Workday is also top-notch as it has reliable data centers and protocols to protect from data breaches so that your information stays safe. Some of the most attractive features in Workday include tools for Accounting and Finance, procurement, Goal Management, Time tracking, Global payroll management, Strategic Workforce planning, Project Management, Recruitment and Workforce Analytics assessment. They support all platforms such as Android, Windows, IOS and any web-based programs. The customer satisfaction score for Workday is huge making it one of the best choices for HRM solutions.

2. Zoho People

Zoho People is a complete HRM solution platform. It is a simple yet intuitive platform that is driven to help small and medium-sized businesses to get complete HR solutions. The system has features that are unique such as a single centralized location to input information from employees which makes Zoho People a collaborative environment as employees can have access to the information any time and provide information for others to see in real time. The boards are fully customizable according to your needs. They also help new trainees and employees to feel included by providing step by step introduction to the whole system. The pricing policy of Zoho People is monthly/annual subscription based. It does give a 15-day free trial. If your organization consists of up to 5 employees then Zoho People is completely free to use for you! Their pricing policies are divided into five categories: Free, Essential HR, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. Some of the best features of Zoho People are their tools for Leave Management, Attendance Management, Employee Self Service Portal, Form Customization, E-signature, HR analysis, Centralized Information and Time Tracking. The great innovative platform of Zoho People does not only make them a popular choice but also has won them multiple awards throughout the years.

3. Recruitee

Recruitee, as the name suggests, is a hiring application. It helps to hire and manage employees through its innovative tools. The system is completely customizable which makes it a popular choice among 600 companies including the likes of Vodafone and Redbull. One of the best features is that for every job opening a custom page is created and you don’t even have to spend time on writing job descriptions as Recruitee has over 200 job description templates that you can choose and customize. The platform allows applicants to easily apply online and even share their various work profiles. It has a sharing option of job circulars across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The most attractive features of Recruitee include Parsed Resume into profiles, Import from other ATSs, Automated Secure Monthly Payments, API and JS widget to push jobs, Bulk emails and standard templates and many more. The payment policy of Recruitee is a monthly or annual subscription fee based policy. The pricing strategy is divided into the amount of active jobs and in categories as: Professional, Expert, Corporate and Enterprise. Their advanced features helped them get Expert’s Choice Awards in 2016 among many others.

4. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS is a talent acquisition onboarding platform that helps both applicants and businesses to get the perfect job for the perfect candidate. It helps the hiring process of your business much easier with job openings posted in over 300 social media platforms. iCIMS currently supports over 3200 international businesses in securing the most talented individuals for your company. It has powerful tools that helps store data of each candidates and lets your HR team work efficiently in the recruitment process. All the candidate data are stored in a secured database following strict protocols and international data protection laws. The key features of iCIMS include tools for Assessment, Social Media Integration, Jobs Board Integration, Resume Parsing, Internal HR, Interview Management, Background Screening, Resume Searching and Job Requisition and Posting. The pricing model of the organization is quote based like most talent acquisition firms. The platform supports Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and web-based applications. They provide services to small and large organizations alike as well as freelancers making them one of the popular HRM solutions system.

5. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a web-based HR application business targeted towards mid-sized organizations. ADP offers many useful applications that help coordinate the workforce management in a single dashboard that helps internal communication within your organization. It can easily be accessed from tabs and phones so you can be in contact with your employees from anywhere. The automatic data processing systems helps generate useful analytics that enable you to understand the progress of your team. ADP Workforce Now also has tools that help administrations to hire and retain new employees by tracking progress. Some of the main features are tools for Analytics, API library, cloud-based storage, Online support, Multi-lingual service, Payroll management, Attendance Management, Human Resource Management, Payroll and so much more.

Every HRM solution applications have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are targeted more towards mid-level organizations while others have an enterprise target audience goal. It also depends what purposes of HRM you want to fulfil through these applications such as payroll, recruitment, procurement or all. We know that five solutions are not enough to base your decision on. So stay with us to know we about 5 more in our next segment!