What is CRM and Why You Should Start Using it

The best CRM systems improve profitability and productivity by managing your contacts and sales. CRM software is designed to help you nurture and close your leads faster. It enables you to convert prospects into loyal customers by storing their contact information and the history of interactions between you two. This data can shape all your future communications with your customers by generating insights. You can target prospects and segment customers by foreseeing their needs. CRM systems The top CRM systems, such as Hubspot, consequently marry your sales and marketing. You can target profitable customers through individualized marketing messages Some, like Nimble, even pull information from your customers’ social media. Gathering and analysing data from different sources helps you find out the best way to communicate with your customers. It helps you accelerate sales and marketing.

What do my customers get out of it? What do my employees get out of it?

Another goal of a CRM system (after sales and marketing) is improving customer service. You can deliver a personalised service experience by tracking your customers’ preferences through your chosen CRM software. While a solution like Salesforce is famous for helping you build personalised customer service experiences, a solution like SugarCRM is famous for being easily customisable and flexible platforms so you can tailor it to your needs. You can
configure your CRM system to match your business.

A CRM system also automates your workflow. Automating tasks means less data entry. It also gives you an overview of tasks you’ve assigned to your sales teams so you can track their progress. It also makes administrative tasks easier
for your employees by streamline business processes. Time is freed up to give each customer the focus and concentration they deserve, leading to happy clients. Customer value is determined by customer behaviour, which is
determined by customer satisfaction.

Who should use CRM?

A CRM system can help the small and medium-sized business grow (and Pipedrive is designed for just that), but that does not mean that CRM systems powerful enough for enterprises (Insightly, for example, is engineered for enterprises).
You can build stronger relationships through multichannel communication over email, live chat, telephony and social media in real time with systems such as Zoho. It does not matter if your company has 50 employee or 500 employees, a
CRM system can benefit you.

Is that it?

No! A CRM system also allows you to work from anywhere. Cloud-based CRM solutions like Oracle allow users to access it through the Internet, making it easy for you and your team to view the same information at any time. This encourages your teams to collaborate. CRM saves you time, increases your efficiency and decision-making, boosts your productivity, and drives sales growth. Building lasting relationships with your customers helps you create a
stronger business.